Trigger for a SPR assembly

I am working on a SPR and need some help with triggers. What is the difference between a single state and a 2 stage? Which would be better for a precision application? Any recommendations for $200 or under?


Alot has to do with personal preference. I have a 2 stage Geisselle on my AR pistol build, and love it. I think i have handle accuracy better with a 2 stage trigger cause yiu can squeeze off a little and then boom! On my Colt AR and all my hunting rifles I have single stage triggers, they simply go Boom with no play.

With that said, I may be looking at a 2 stage trigger for my 300 WSM, cause I think I like the control of the 2 stage for over all accuracy .

Bot as I said, it boils down to personal preference.

I would suggest you visit some local shops and see if you can squeeze off both options on different rifles.

Stay safe!