Trigger Polishing


I am wondering if anyone has polished a mil spec trigger, and if you can provide some recommendations on how to do so? I have several that are “polished” but show the machining marks. I’d like to polish them as I have been told it will help make the action smoother, but I do not have any experience and my research shows it is easy to mess up the trigger and possibly render it unsafe. I understand there are triggers I can buy to get smoother action, but would like to try and polish them for now so I can use my budget continue to build. Any help is greatly appreciated.


It’s very difficult to explain without pictures or video, but there are many good videos on YouTube. Just remember that the less material removed, the better. And keep it square.if I can figure out how, I’ll post a link


This one was the best explanation I found just now. You can substitute the stone with fine grit sand paper or Emery cloth, 2000-5000 grit. Be sure to oil the abrasives


Now I need to find a stone that smooth.
Thanks for the video


Thank you for the video, by far the best information to date. Now to hunt down a stone…


For the record I use a steel block & sand paper. Stones will develop grooves over time. Sand paper is disposable, and the block is good forever.


Cool video. I will have to try it. Im going to wait till my build is done so I can try and feel a difference.


Very good video, I wish I had the tools to do that


If you have a punch to remove the fcg, the rest can be bought for $30+/-


For anyone interested, Dvor has stones on sale right now. Be sure to get a fine- ultra fine stone if you are going to use it to polish triggers. These sales are only a 1-2 day window. If youre not a member, it’s pretty easy to sign up.


Sorry couldn’t watch this past min 1:30, must have said “Ummmm” 100 times by then. Why can’t people who make videos, dry run a script first. And stop talking just to talk. Get to the point and give us the information without all the ‘I’m trying to hard to be technical’ no offense intended by i do not what to spend 15-20 mins to get 5 mins of information.
Again just my opinion , no offense intended.


I posted this particular video because of how clearly he shows where & how to polish. Theres plenty of smooth talkers that don’t actually show the relevant parts. Feel free to, umm, post your favorite :wink:


If you go to the JP Enterprises you tube channel, there is a video on how we do it in the shop


This is a good video…mostly because those are my hands


@AdrianOlson , that is a great video! Very well presented. Thanks for sharing


@SRC , here’s the thread in DIY trigger jobs


Nice, thank you @SDFinn