Triggers. Best bang for the buck


Curious what trigger everyone’s running out there? I have a TDS in my main AR. And a slightly modified Anderson trigger on my AR pistol. Anyone running a Velocity? Would love to hear some feedback on them.


Hiperfire 24c hands down… 3.5lbs pull, zero travel, nice in smooth!


Cmc, midway has them on sale right now


I installed a Velocity trigger in my Ruger AR 556. Works great. No creep and crisp break at 3 lbs.


I’ll have to check it out. Is it a drop in or an assymble? What is the price range?


Yea the velocity is a drop in. Think it’s a 3.53lb pull.


Ooh sweet. Yea good price point too, right? About 150?


I’ll have to check em out. Thanks.


Love the hyperfire. Just don’t love the 230+ price tag.


ALG defense’s (a sister company to Geissele Automatics) - Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) $65.00 approx 5lb pull. Very high quality single stage trigger.


We used that ALG trigger in my brother’s build. It is very nice if you’re not trying to get supper light on the trigger pull. After using it I think they also used that trigger in my Colt Competition CRX-16.


Great drop in. I bought mine from Amazon, was around $150


True but it’s well worth it!


cmc triggers FTW!! $160, made in texas by great people.


Currently running a Rise Armament ra-140 trigger. So far so good. Not enough range time yet to say if it is the cats ass or not, but for $99 it was definitely a worthwhile upgrade over the mil-spec that I had in that build.

I like it enough so far that I bought a second for the billet build I am working on.


I’ve been on the fence about this trigger. It’s relatively new and there’s not a lot of people using it. I think I’m going to give it a shot when funds are available.


I’m also using the RA-140, and love it. Have put it in 3 lowers, including my 308. Just ordered another one.


I’ll second that recommendation, it’s what I put on both of my builds after messing around with stock triggers. Just right and not a whole lot of money.


I like the triggers by JP. Mostly because I don’t like modulars


Only thing abt the velocity triggers is I’m here in a lot of negative about them not having enough tension to hold the trigger back and its firing without even pulling the trigger so I’m iffy about that has anyone got or used a KE Arms (Tin) trigger