Tuning Low Mass BCG with 7.5" barrel?


I’m wondering how much recoil can be tamed in a 7.5" barreled 5.56 pistol with a low mass BCG. If you have any experience with such a thing, please chime in.
This is a piston drive Adams Arms P2 upper, with five position adjustable gas block. Right now, it runs well, slightly over-gassed with 5.56, and right on with .223, using a light weight buffer and carbine spring. The Law Tactical folder has a plunger that goes in the back of the BCG, adding a little over 1 oz to the reciprocating weight. This plunger and the buffer are 3.8 oz combined, equivalent to an H1. The carrier is about 11 oz.
Adams Arms offers a 7.5 oz carrier. I understand I can back off the gas and retune the buffer weight.
Is it so simple? Is it worth the $100 spend?


Yep, you can back off the gas and re-tune the buffer weight. If you want to stick with a separate buffer / spring combo then you can use either of these to fine tune the buffer weight:

Or you could go with a captured system like the JP silent capture spring or the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring. JP knows his stuff when it comes to tuning low mass systems.


Thanks. I already have the Odin Works adjustable buffer, and a reduced power spring sitting on the bench. I’ll give it a go.