Twist rate vs barrel length

This might be a question that has no right or wrong answer, but I am wondering if barrel length has any bearing on what twist rate that I should choose. I am wanting to get a 22-24" barrel for a new build I am working on, and want to know opinions/recommendations for what rate of twist I should be looking for. I have two 16" AR15 rifles so far, one with a 1/7 twist and the other has a 1/8 twist. Thanks!

I have built my 24" 223 Wylde wit 1 in 7 and it shoots 77 grain SMK to a 3" group at 600 yards

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Barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy and everything to do with velocity. So please do not think that a longer barrel will be more accurate because there are just too many variables to consider. The twist rate of your barrel is in reference to the bullet weight. You need a faster twist rate to properly stabilize a lighter weight bullet. If you are looking to build an accurate DMR/DSM type rifle I would start with the chambering. decide what bullet type you are going to shoot than build the gun out from there. I Prefer a 1/7 for heavier bullets (66-75 grn) 1/8 for slightly lighter bullets. (55-65 grn bullets)

You need a faster twist rate to stabilize a heavier bullet and a slower twist rate for lighter bullets.

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Thanks for the responses. I think I know what I will be looking for now. After your comments and some extra internet searches, (gotta love the interwebs, :slight_smile: )I will be looking for a 1/7 twist with a heavier round. It looks like it will have the stability and velocity to reach out as far as I want to try to go.