Welcome to the new Ar15 Builders Forum!


Thank you everyone for transferring over to the new site! Hopefully Facebook doesn’t shut us down but never hurts to have a back up or plan b.


I’m Here Travis.:evergreen_tree:


Thanks go getting this up so fast guys!


Travis, can you txt me please 903-262-7689.


I am in, cool beans, time to have fun


Hey @CloverTacPro, to make sure Travis or any other user gets notified when you post, you can @mention them. This will ensure they get a notification. @thamlin, please text @CloverTacPro.


Glad to have you here Dickie


Doing what we can thanks for coming


Thanx for everything Travis. Can’t wait for these dang tax returns to come in!


Glad to have you hear


Hey screw facebook :slight_smile:


Now we are untouchble! muwahahaha


I’m here get the guns out lol


Make sure to share with friends, we will start the give aways again once we gain some members


Thank you for doing this! I think we are better off here anyhow. If you need any moderation help I am happy to oblige. I have a old school php board I used to own and manage so totally experienced. Either way I am glad to be here and apart of a budding community.


We are glad to have you and will keep you in mind, I believe the group was set up do you can actually earn rights and badges. Ask supreme leader lol


I figured out what the issue was. I had typed my email incorrectly. Now I’m in here and we are good to go. I’ll be posting for others to join.


Thank you, the bigger we get I’ll start giving shit away again


Who has two thumbs and likes giveaways? This guy!! :mask:


Hey guys. Another Facebook refugee. Give me shelter?