Welcome to the new Ar15 Builders Forum!


Welcome to our new home!


Lol. Make sure to post the link to the page on your Facebook, when we get more members we will start the drawings!


Trying to figure out how all this works over here. Gabe


How will the drawing be done? Through facebook or the webpage. I’m about to share the link to my page and tag my frinds who own AR’S. Thanks


Out there putting in work posting the link on other groups too


Thanks for setting it up


Thanks for getting this site up.


Awesome! FB can stick it… Good job on getting this up and running so quick. I have someone working on my page right now just in case they shut me down also.


Thank you for putting forth the effort to keep this going.


It’s new to all of us but no trolls going to be lurking, it’s our server so no one to tell but us😊


I made it here as well Travis.


Glad you made it Ken, please make sure to share the link to this group on Facebook as much as possible. Once we get a few members we will start the give aways again!!


Always away around the bs.


Always, I had a back up plan as soon as the group started getting out of control on requests to join.


Thanks Mods for plan B and getting this forum up so quickly.


Glad to have you spread the word please!


Backup plan is nice to have, just gotta get used to this platform :slight_smile: Thx


Ya. It is a little bit different.


Any chance on Tapatalk support?


Thank you for giving us a place to go. I doubt facebook will actually shut down the AR builders forum. It is nice to have a place to go where others are like minded and serious about their AR projects. Maybe here we won’t have as manh trolls.