Welcome to the new Ar15 Builders Forum!


If we get large enough I’ll have a app made for you guys


Thanks for the new site, absolutely love the fact the wife won’t think to check here for what I may be building or buying.


We need a like button. :+1:t2:


Your secret is safe here.


Lol that’s funny, I have a lot of requests not no email receipts


Nicky here from the FB forum! Glad to be part of the new untouchable system! Thank you Admins. Cheers


We have a like button. Looks like a heart. Click that little suckers to show your love.


Thank you for set this up!



We will continue with giveaways on the Facebook group but we’ll be doing more through the site. We are tossing around an idea, we want to set it up so all members are entered and can get additional entries based on posts and post quality (which will be calculated based on likes.) The concern would be that this would encourage spamming but we have and damn cool community and our mods (God bless em’) will regulate that shit with the quickness.


Yeah, thanks for being pro-active against the F’dbook Nazi regime. It will take some getting used to with this new forum type.


Not at the moment. By integrating with them it would make users subject to their terms and conditions and we have to give them pretty deep access to the site. So it’s not out of the question but there are are some downsides. Ideally we’d build our own app.


Hi guys, im here too :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me on the app. Looking forward to it.


Finally home, Buddies.


This is Justin Atkinson from the FB page, I made it too. If we do the decals here I’ll drop the “facebook” from them.


Did the Facebook site get shut down just tried to go on there and it won’t work I was in there last night


Face book is gone. Hope everyone switched!


Great but its not about free stuff-----well, yeah it’s about free shit- lol


It was shut down last night by the Facebook pansies


@Thamlin thanks for getting this up!!