Welcome to the new Ar15 Builders Forum!


Thx for making this happen!


Thank you for facilitating this.


Thanks for the hard work and effort.


Hopefully this will be a fine alternative to Facebook. Thanks


Looking forward to learning from you guys. Yeah screw Facebook.


Facebook is watching us


This is Ted V, I made it too. To be honest, I like forums better than facebook anyway.


Thanks for the forum… Let’s build stuff


Thanks for this forum.
I registered and it took a few days for the Confirm email showed up but I’m here now.


This forum is still new to us, didn’t know we had to purchase more credits to continue sending out the emails.


I may have requested the email resent a few times because I think it wasn’t working? Then when I finally received them, the link was expired, so I had to request again and then it finally worked. Sorry about requesting several times.


Not a issue, the confirmation emails where not going out due to technical errors


I’ve had a few girlfriends like that which is exactly why I ended up buying so many guns. Thankfully though my wife encourages me to buy more guns so it’s no wonder I spent so much on a ring for her


My current build is the first time outside the milspec box; 300 HAM’R with “intermediate” gas system. Learning new lessons the hard way, it’d be nice if someone has been down this road before me but I have a feeling that I’ll have more to teach from the roadblocks I come upon and hopefully solve.


Well hopefully you can get some info to help out here in the forum


For me, much more of a safer medium to respond to in light of the pending BS and red flag crap trying to take over. Many thanks for the add.


@NickP glad to have you in the group!


I’m a newbie here…but glad to be here with y’all.


@AD51 glad to have you here, feel free to post and join in on any of the topics


What are the possibilities of having a “Lessons Learned” subforum on what doesn’t work? So far I’ve learned that “intermediate” length isn’t carved in stone, that there are at least 3 dimensions depending on the whim of the manufacturer. Also, while I don’t have a Wilson Combat gas block, my WC “intermediate” gas tube port doesn’t line up with the port on five different gas blocks of other manufacturers.