Well the fb page is gone

FB page is done guys

That’s why i couldn’t find it anymore… Fucking FB


I cannot believe how far this has been taken. Please get out and vote.


I just looked… Wow… Oh well… We got this!

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Good call and timing getting this page up and running Travis.

Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg.


They have killed all my favorite things on FB. It seems freedom of speak doesn’t exist anymore as well.


And to think I’ve debated deleting facebook again for the 2nd time…last time it lasted 4 years.

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I guess this is our new home now.


It’s a damn shame, this will take some getting used to

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And I just joined that group. I was excited to see a group about AR builds, and was excited to have help to build my own. Now it’s all gone. Such a shame. I’m glad we have a webpage now.


Just seen (or didn’t)- hell of a way to start my day----

That’s sad a most all of my good gun pages are gone from FB, what the point over there anymore.

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It’s groups like “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America” That ask their members to seek out gun groups and report them. They also had a big role in the Facebook gun rule change. Go to their Facebook page and see how many of your so call friends like them. It’s time to clean house.

It sucks that i put two years into that group and gave away quit a bit of product to get shut down. Let’s make this group bigger and better! Please share the link on as many Facebook pages as you can and let’s build this one bigger and better. I’ll start the give aways again when we get more member and maybe a few dealers to add to them. Thanks again guys for making the swap of here! Perfect timing I must say to get the site up.


What’s this group powered by? I really like the lay out of it.

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Just now saw that. That sucks.

Powered by Discourse.

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It’s a real bummer that the FB page is gone but I also kind of like this setup a little more. Looking forward to making it even better here!!

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I didn’t see any Ar15 post in my feed. Why did they delete? No one was selling any guns.

There is a chance it’ll be reinstated. NFA Guns went away, but after review and pressure from the admin, it was reinstated, since there were no sales on that page, either.