Windham Weaponry AR - fully upgraded and ready to go


Testing waters because I shouldn’t have dumped all this money into this rifle. It’s a Windham Weaponry WW15 heavy barrel. Not the polymer/carbon lower bullshit. I have pictures of the invoices. Fully built by Rob of 2A Tactical. All done right and no stone left unturned. Rifle came with a super cheap red dot that’s since been removed. Magpul flip up iron sights came on weapon.

Timber Creek 13" mlok free float rail fde - 200
Steel low profile gas block - 44
Chrome gas tube - 20
VG6 Epsilon brake - 95
Mission First Tactical minimalist stock - 53
Mil spec buffer tube - 39
Magpul poly extended trigger guard fde - 15
ALG ACT combat trigger (sister company to Geiselle) - 74
Magpul k2 rubber pistol grip fde - 28
Strike industries ambi safety black - 50
Magpul ASAP plate - 35
Strike industries dust cover fde - 17
Extended takedown pins fde - 25
Magpul mlok MVG foregrip - 26
Timber Creek metal 5 slot picitanny rail mlok black - 23

Labor for everything was 200 bucks. I wouldn’t normally expect to get that back, but keep in mind it was built by the best AR platform armorer in the area, possibly the state. I think it counts for something.

Cost for the entire building besides the 9 dollars in fees for using my Visa totals 935. That plus the 700-800 for a heavy barrel Windham AR, plus the 50-60 bucks for the iron sights… would cost you a good 1700-1800 to do this build. I’m not expecting that back, but I’m also not going to take 1000 bucks. Please be reasonable.