Zeroing 45 degree offset irons

I am considering putting offset 45 degree irons on my build. I am curious how well zero works with these as the bullet tends to travel away from the direction of the sights. i.e. if you are using regular irons and you cant the rifle to your left the bullet it will impact slightly low and left (see pic below). So if I put the sights on the right side of the rifle and cant it 45 degrees to look through them do I just account for that and holdover a little high and right? Or can they be zeroed to account for this? Also curious on suggestion on flip up vs. non offset sights and brands you guys have good experiences with.

The orientation of the rifle around the axis of the barrel has zero effect on trajectory. So if you mount the 45 degree offset sites, then rotate the rifle so they are vertical, then they should function like any other sight.