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By OnThe11th
Just wanted to say Hi 👋🏼, Ive been lurking around the forum for about a week trying to find my way around. The navigation is a little confusing for me however I’m glad to be here, hopefully everyone is fairly active and helpful. Have a good day :)

PS: I cant figure out how to attach a picture of my current project. :(
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By OnThe11th
Thanks for the info, I attached the picture. Nothing special. PSA free float Upper with a low profile gas block for a mid length gas system, and a 16” 5.56 Freedom Barrel. PSA PA-15 Multi lower with a standard milspec fire control group, a Giessele Super 42 Buffer Spring with AR Stoner H2 Buffer. Magpul Grip and trigger gaurd. A QD B5 Stock and a 15” Seekins hand rail. Optic is a Monstrum Tactical 3x Prism Scope.
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By OnThe11th
THamlin005 wrote:
Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:41 pm
How do you like that scope, i was thinking of getting one. And what did it set you back?
It was one of the cheaper options I found $109. Its really crystal clear though and the reticle is etched into the glass so if the battery dies you can still use your sight. I havent had any problems. It’s solid and came in a sturdy box with foam inside. The optic itself was vaccume sealed in a bag with a silica gel pack. Rate 7.9/10
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