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I would like to get a group together that woul help to cleanup the shooting are behind Sly Park. It is the area right after the stop where the big map is of the Forest area, next road trail after that.

I am blown away at the amount of trash people leave here. I have already fought one closure of shooting/dirt bike trails that I was the only one who showed for public comment befit the decision was made to throw us out blaming us for all the trash and dirt erosion. Horses, hikers and bicyclists were part of the group making the mess as well. I have rode all over the El Dorado National Forest for 30 years and have camped there with my boys.

The major thing that resulted in our group being thrown out was the videos of all the shell casings, broken glass everywhere from people using glass bottles as targets. The last nail in the coffin was them showing all the dying trees with targets still attached with a ton of bullet holes. Why would anyone be so ignorant to kill live trees for a target. On you tube there is a guy who will show you step by step how to make a very nice lightweight take down capable for trunks of small cars for less than $7.00. It is not acceptable to kill trees because your to lazy to build a stand or get a cardboard box and staple your targets to it, with a good back stop behind it.

I guarantee you that if the environmentalists take video or worse yet provide it to a local tv Station to do a story on, we will be denied access there as well. It is despicable and appalling the amount of trash shooters are leaving for someone else to clean up. Have a clue, your Mom doesn't work out there to clean up after you. My son and I have went shooting for a couple hours and then spend tree times as long racking by hand the messes into a pile and fill my truck and take it to the dump. I cannot tell you the number of dump runs I have made as I've lost count. But one disabled guy who has a very hard time moving is not making a dent in this disaster are.

People, you need to get really serious and help to clean this up or we won't have a place to shoot anymore. I'm dead serious. It is worse than words can express and just looking at it makes me ill. I would like to organize no less than every other weekend for a few hours. We need trucks, trailers, tractors, bulldozers and hand tools. Everyone will have to pay to dump their load out of their own pocket like I have been doing every other weekend for over two years. I'm going to try going over to the dump and talk to Management and see if considering what will be doing is what they are in business for, if they will let us dump for free. I make no promises to the outcome.

We can have some fun as well shooting, bbqing, contest etc. maybe some of you could talk to local gun shops, tell them what we are doing and ask if they would be willing to donate some prizes for different shooting games. Maybe some others of you could go to local grocery stores and tell them what we are doing and see if they would donate some bbqing stuff that is close to expiration. I have successfully done this in the past for other good causes. They are happy to give it away rather than throwing it away.

Also, if anyone knows where we could sell the literal tons of brass and steel cased ammo out there, we can pay for the guys gas for tractors, bulldozers, trucks and dump runs. If there is money left over, we can put it towards the next weeks gas and dump runs. I have given away boxes and boxes of brass to reloaders across the county. I haven't learned yet but if port 63 isn't repealed, I'm looking for someone willing to teach me. I have major nerve damage several places but for doing stuff like this, the part down my arms and hands to my finger tips makes working with small things extremely difficult so I would love to try before I invest in any equipment.

Let's work together to clean this up and if any one know of a sign company, maybe they would be willing to donate some strongly worded but clean language for future shooters to clean up their mess so we can keep it clean. Or were going to have to make citizens arrest for illegal dumping and littering and detain them until the Sheriffs office arrives. This could be touchy as I ave seen many people shit faced wasted and shooting. I go far down the road where I have distances and lots of hills betweeen them and me. If in doubt or not willing to make a citizens arrest, carry a throw away camera or cheap digital in your vehicle and take pictures of their license plates, them and the garbage and file a Report with the sheriffs Office with the pictures attached. Make sure you keep copies because I can guarantee it will be a low priority. I have had someone literally jump through a window in my house and after my oldest beat the stuffing out of him, I had to sit on him for 2/12 hours waiting for them to show up. Finally, I just told him to get out and if I saw him again breaking in too my house, their was an excellent chance he wouldn't be able to talk about anything anymore. My son knew the kid from High School and had all his contact info from another friend so we gave the Officer the info and he went and arrested him as he was at the hospital getting a broken nose and jaw fixed and some dental work done.

Please people, I'm begging for your help before we see this travesty on the news that these gun owners are pigs and shouldn't be able to use the forest any more because of the mountains of trash and casings left behind. I want my sons to be able to take their Sons out to teach them as much as respecting our land as they do about teaching them to shoot and exercising their Second Amendment rights. I want the same for every kid in every generation to enjoy the forest as it is one of my favorite places in the world. Especially the areas where the Government isn't selling out all the lumber and sadly area have been clear cut and trees that were so huge and beautiful, it will be several generations before those areas are restored. I wonder what they do with that money? I have never seen it or hear about it any budget office or anything from any politician ever, come to think about it. Sorry, I worked for the State for almost 30 years before not be able to ever work again. SOmething to talk about in another forum and intensely research. Those lands belong to the Public and not any government.

I hope you will strongly consider coming out and helping, meet some new friends and shooting buddies and have some fun together as well. If I get any replies, I hoping a ton, I will take the info down and announce a schedule. I hope to hear from you all soon.

I just joined this group and saw what appears to have been a poorly supported request for help. I recently retired and have been in the forest picking up trash from time to time and have been very disappointed to see the disregard shown by other shooters. Please let me know if another effort is to be made and so long as I'm in town, I'll do my best to help. I have a small tractor and if it's allowed and needed, will be glad to bring it along.
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