Post your best build pic, get friends to like it. The one with the most likes on Sept 15th wins.
Winner can choose the color from Red, Blue, FDE, or Black.
By Karldomo
My AR is not completely finished but it’s functional
By Karldomo
The lower parts, forward assist, BCG and barrel is TiN coating the buffer tube was cerakoted to match the TiN
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By Admin
I agree i think the gold and black is bad ass! does tin coating cost a arm and a leg?
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By Admin
So definitely not something you do to a budget rifle, lol.
By Karldomo
I knew going into it how much I wanted to spend and the results show
Karldomo wrote:
Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:18 pm
My AR is not completely finished but it’s functional
Good job looks good :ugeek:
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